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Out of Options

The dreaded "I'm sorry. There is nothing else we can do."

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Out of Options

June 2020

After trying many things to beat cancer, we ran up against the fact that nothing was able to defeat the beast that silently lurked within our daughter’s body.  Short of miraculous intervention, we were told her time on earth was now limited. 

That’s such a hard thing to understand.  Reality is that every one of us lives on limited time.  None of us knows if our lifespan will be a few weeks, a few months, or many years.  However, as parents we never want to think that our child would leave this earth before we do. The thoughts of living the rest of our lives without our child haunts us. I often tell parents to cling to the hope of life until the very last breathe leaves your child’s body.  Only then do you become a bereaved parent.  Until that point you pray diligently for a miracle, believing that God can choose earthly healing for your child. 

If the day arrives when your child’s life is over here on earth, please know that their life in heaven is only just beginning.  The very worst day of our lives is the very best day of our child’s life, the day they opened their eyes to the face of Jesus. He welcomes all children into his bosom without reserve.  He loves your child even more than you do.  It doesn’t ease the devastation in your heart, nor the pain in your chest as you walk your child to heaven, but it can reassure us that they are safe, healed, and whole with the Lord.  If we know Jesus, then we have the promise of a future together in heaven.  This is not the end.

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